Our work

Our Impact

By developing a love of learning in the earliest years of age and providing parents with the skills set to be the primary educators of their children, Planting Seeds is making a critical impact for some of the most vulnerable populations in the world.

And we are making this change with the community. Almost all teachers and program facilitators live in the communities where we work.

The Need for Quality Early Childhood Education

The initial stages of a child's life are the foundation for their future. If we are serious about making change for some of the most vulnerable populations in the world, we know that we need to start with kids in their earliest years of age and support parents as much as possible.

Over 90%

of the brain develops within the first 5 years of life


of children in Guatemala fail the 1st grade or drop out of school by age 6

Our Results

Planting Seeds students test out significantly more first grade ready than public and private schools students. Additionally, in Guatemala, where over 22% of students fail first grade, over 97% of Planting Seeds students pass 1st grade in their respective schools. We are currently conducting a long term study in Sacala to gage the long term impact of our preschool programs.

While we are proud of our data, the success of our programs is best experienced first hand. The tears, smiles, connections, character building, and individualized learning is, at times, more powerful than numbers can represent. We hope you can come to see our programs in person to witness the power of our work with children and families.


Preschool students per year


Direct Beneficiaries of PSI Programs Each Year

In our model school in San Lucas over


of all students have passed first grade (National Average is below 78%)

In our partner school REKKO, Planting Seeds students

tested out 50% more

first grade ready in Reading, Writing and Math than local private and public schools

Financial Transparency

We work hard to ensure your generous donations are being used in the most effective and transparent way possible. We adhere to a strict finance manual to guide all of our processes and use an external accountant to review our finances and send finance reports every quarter. Please take a look at our yearly financial reports.